Bedroom Rug Ideas

Your bedroom is a haven for you. It's the one spot where you can get away from the stresses of everyday life and express yourself through design. Adding an area rug to your bedroom can transform it into a haven of rest and relaxation.

Your Home Spa

You may understand how wonderful a soft rug can feel under your toes if you've ever gotten out of bed in the morning and felt instantly chilled by the cold temperature of your floor. You may have that extra soft plush carpeting you've been dreaming of in your bedroom because it doesn't get much foot traffic.

Rugs give warmth to any space while also increasing the
room's aesthetic. If you're seeking for bedroom rug ideas to assist you alter your bedroom décor, we've got you covered. These bedroom area rug designs range from simple conventional runners to huge and opulent shags, and are sure to inspire.


This magnificent four-poster bed requires a particularly exquisite rug, and an antique-inspired design is up to the task. This rug unifies the area with a creamy ivory background covered in a classic design accentuated by soothing, subdued tones. The rug's location halfway down the bed accentuates the striking design even more, giving the colorful bedroom additional personality. The multi-textural surface, which is reminiscent of old mosaics, contrasts beautifully with the hardwood flooring in this room.

Soothing Greenery

With mossy green tones and unmistakable old-world charm,
what better way to build the foundation for a nature-inspired master bedroom?
The low-key tones and delicate patina of this area rug give it an understated refinement that seems to fit with every decorative element in the space. But don't be misled by how it appears. This patterned rug was created with ease of care in mind, making it ideal for modern living and high-traffic areas.

Rich and Organic

In any well-lit bedroom, a platform bedframe on a thick, handmade wool rug is a delicious pleasure for the senses. This arrangement may make the most of any large or small bedroom by placing the rug 1/3 of the way down. The taupe, cream, and dark brown striations in the blocky gradient design provide a neutral palette suited for virtually any area. The border's high-low pile is guaranteed to make this rug texturally pleasing to wake up to.

Earthy Elegance

A stylish classic area rug in subtle tones of rose, camel, and teal brings a light and airy bedroom to life. The rug's careful hand-knotted wool structure complements the other eye-catching textures to create a style that's ideal for any master bedroom. Furthermore, the large size allows for a centered rug placement, anchoring the area while also adding to the room's opulence.


The ornate fringe and faded appearance of this elegant vintage-inspired area rug help connect the eye-catching textures in this master bedroom together. The rug complements the rich warmth of the color scheme with its sturdy construction and red and ivory hue. At the same time, the traces of blue strewn throughout the pattern harmonies with the pillow and nightstand to create a unified look.


This low-pile rug adds a beautiful, distressed charm to the
bright and airy bedroom with its traditional design and gorgeous color. But don't let the mild neutral color scheme deceive you. This rug is stain-resistant and durable, making it ideal for any household. The timeless elegance of the traditional flower theme combined with modern tones provides a transitional appearance that can be used in any setting.

Laid-Back Shag

This teal-toned shag rug adds extra warmth to this principal
bedroom suite with its subtle geometric design. Fresh vegetation provides a natural texture and appeal to the room, elevating it and enhancing the elegance generated by the eye-catching fabrics. The rug's position at the foot of the bed in the room highlights the rug's one-of-a-kind hand-tufted texture for amazing shag comfort.

Bold + Beautiful

In this colorful master bedroom, this tribal-style print is completely enthralling. This rug, which is ideal for a tiny bedroom, grounds and supports the spaces varied styles, producing a look that is both attractive and elegant. With a blend of heather grey, black, and ivory, the design has strong contrast and pairs well with other dark components like the window treatment and photo frames.


In any classic or transitional bedroom, a flexible, Persian-inspired color palette and gently distressed style can't go wrong. The carpeting in this master bedroom leaves plenty of space on both sides and in front of the bed. It may keep feet warm or cold floors in the morning while also aesthetically anchoring the furniture. Warm-toned accents around the space bring the aesthetic together and create a welcoming ambiance.

Transitional Comfort

When you add a beautiful distressed design with subtle
shades of teal, blue, grey, brown, and tan to any modern or transitional environment, it's difficult to go wrong. This gorgeous area rug is placed to one side of the bed, making it ideal for a compact, open bedroom that requires both flair and comfort. The high-low pile gives texture to the space while also complimenting the opposing fabrics.

Lofty Dreams

The cool hue of this Turkish-inspired area rug transforms a
modest bedroom into a comfortable refuge when paired with a white brick wall and terra cotta-toned furnishings. This rug has an abash coloring that gives it an antique look. At the same time, the soft yet manageable pile power-loomed with easy-care yarns for easy upkeep brings modern convenience to any area.

Artistic Expression

This abstract-inspired bedroom is brought to life by multidimensional colours and an appealing natural palette that ground and anchor the concept. The impressionist rug design begs touch while exciting your imagination, contributing to the visual drama in this inviting room. Everything in this creative bedroom seems to blossom up and out of the rug's dazzling presence, thanks to a matched palette.

Elegance At Its Finest

This beautiful master bedroom combines modern utility with
traditional elegance. The full-length mirror, which is deliberately placed to lend dimension to the item, brings the classic area rug to life. This rug is power-loomed using soft, easy-to-clean yarns to ensure that the Persian design lasts for years to come.

Layered Love

At the foot of this colorful, stylish bed, a velvety soft runner adds traditional elegance. The high-low pattern of this rug runner adds to the visual intrigue generated by stacking it on top of a larger, textured floor covering. One of the numerous advantages of using runners to frame your bed is that it allows for limitless creative choices while also increasing the comfort factor. Try stacking runners in your own home if you're seeking for visually interesting bedroom area rug ideas.

Modern Boho Retreat

This fascinating bohemian- eets-contemporary bedroom has a brazenly beautiful appeal because to the blend of warm and cold tones. The high contrast neutral walls bring to life the colours that flow throughout the remainder of the space. The use of dark colors in conjunction with natural tones and textures adds to the aesthetic appeal. Perhaps most striking is how the pillows and blankets in this enormous master bedroom complement the rug's colour scheme, producing a seamless fit that appears to be intended to be.

Warm And Playful

This master bedroom is warmly decorated with traditional medallions and an eye-catching border in sunset tones of orange and pink. These stain-resistant runners are made for high-traffic areas and are ideal for the rug arrangement seen here, on either side of the bed. Runners on both sides of the bed provide a pleasant, soft surface to wake up to while also preserving you’re flooring and keeping the cost of your purchase low.

Dreamy Sophistication

The diamond medallion design pops out with this bottom-of-the-bed rug arrangement, with time-worn jewel tones and beautiful distressing. The blues and reds in this traditional pattern offer it a timeless appeal, giving it an understated elegance that works with a variety of home décor styles. The soft-yet-durable synthetic pile is long-lasting, making it ideal for today's high-traffic homes.

Modern Fluidity

This agate-inspired area rug infuses this dreamlike environment with a flowing, contemporary design that complements the muted décor. It's great for bringing fun and usefulness to any corner nook or tiny bedroom, with cool blue and grey hues blended to give depth and dimension. The hand-tufted high wool pile creates an incredibly soft and comfortable surface that insulates the flooring throughout the colder months.

Natural Beauty

This modern bedroom rug design offers instant warmth and style with its calming palette of sandy neutral tones. The abstract pattern complements the room's clean lines, while the vibrant green plant brings the space to life. This thick wool rug is ideal for bringing a touch of luxury to any principal bedroom if you're seeking for gorgeous bedroom rug ideas.

Colorful Dreams

This area rug will instantly bring life to whatever bedroom
it is placed in, thanks to its vivid and lifelike pattern. The orange, blue, purple, and white tones in this big primary bedroom provide an interesting contrast with the soft color scheme. It's also the ideal surface to curl your toes into every morning, with a soft, high pile of durable yarns.

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