Bathroom Rug Ideas

Your bathroom should feel like a personal sanctuary, packed with all of your favorite things. It creates an environment conducive to self-care and, in the event of a secondary bathroom, helps your visitors feel at ease. The proper bathroom rug ideas make your intimate area much more pleasurable, whether you're getting ready for an evening out or spending a night soaking in the tub. To make it easier for you to pick, we've highlighted some of our favorite small and large bathroom rug designs here. We'll help you come up with the right rug design ideas no matter how much space you have.

Your Home Spa

You may understand how wonderful a soft rug can feel under your toes if you've ever gotten out of bed in the morning and felt instantly chilled by the cold temperature of your floor. You may have that extra soft plush carpeting you've been dreaming of in your bedroom because it doesn't get much foot traffic.

Get Organized

To begin, clear your bathroom counter and floor of all debris. Items should be kept in drawers or beneath the sink. Purchase a few
beautiful containers to keep toiletries and towels if your bathroom is short in storage.


In the bathroom, a cotton, chenille, or indoor/outdoor rug will absorb water, wear well, and be readily cleaned.

Then, in a neutral color scheme, add soft furnishings such
as rugs, towels, and, if necessary, a shower curtain. The most frequent color for a spa is white, although various neutrals like as grey, beige, and even mild blues and greens can be used.

Farmhouse Bathroom

You'll probably like an organic and informal environment with basic lines and well-loved (aged) materials if you're inclined to farmhouse style. You'll want to combine old and new in a farmhouse bathroom.

A vintage-style rug in front of the sink or tub may provide comfort and security. Over wood flooring, try a basic flat woven striped rug in black and white. To avoid sliding, use a rug pad.

Transitional Elegance

Traditional design components are combined with contemporary
style in the transitional style. Smooth straight lines are blended with soft curved textures in your transitional bathroom. A rug is an excellent way to bring your transitional area together. A circular or oval rug will provide softness to a sleek lacquered vanity. A plush rectangular chenille rug softens
the harsh macho tiling.


If your house is all about flashy luxury, your bathroom should reflect that. A neutral color palette is combined with sculptural forms and dramatic embellishments in the glam style. Start with a neutral color scheme and then add a bathroom vanity or pedestal sink with sculptural lines and metallic accent to give your bathroom a ‘Old Hollywood' feel. Finally, add thick, plush towels and rugs in classical or geometric designs to complete the look. A thick pile rug made of wool or synthetic materials feels luxurious and is water resistant.

Double Vanity

Double vanities expand the bathroom's area, allowing for two
people to use it. A lovely antique runner is placed between two vanities, providing a nice landing spot for your feet while yet highlighting the tile in your bathroom. To avoid cluttering the floor, standard bathroom rug sizes are often smaller. These smaller sizes are also easy to clean on a regular basis, ensuring a tidy and pleasant environment in your bathroom.

Boho Bathroom

Color harmony between the rug and shower curtain creates a
coherent and welcome effect in this modern boho bathroom. A small layout does not make bathroom rug decoration harder; it just necessitates the use of a runner rather than a bigger rug. The runner here serves to lengthen the area without making it seem claustrophobic. The embellishments complete the bohemian vibe by continuing the color harmony.

Heirloom Accent

This printed rug has an eye-catching heritage design printed
on a soft and durable surface that can withstand daily usage in the bathroom.
The auburn color scheme of the rug complements the olive cabinetry, bringing the décor together and adding warmth to the space. If you have colored bathroom cabinets (that you can't paint over), use a patterned rug as the main point to help divide the emphasis.

Floral Appeal

With its flowery curtains, a trendy bathtub, and a textured stool, this bathroom screams for an eye-catching rug. And the vintage-styled runner is ideal for the occasion. It draws attention to the pink in the flowery curtain while also contrasting with the black cabinetry. If you prefer floral patterns, mix them with classic medallion rugs like this one to complete your ensemble.

Playing With Prints

Patterns, prints, and contrast are used to great effect in this bathroom. The runner with the tribal design is lovely and elegant, and it softens the half-painted walls. Consider a grounded tribal pattern in neutral hues if you're searching for bathroom mat ideas to combine with colourful paint or beautiful wall designs like the ones featured here. Remember that your accents don't have to be identical to work well together.

Spa-Like Texture

After stepping out of the shower or bath, there's something wonderful about curling your toes into a clean, textured surface. It has the ability to make you feel as if you've landed at your own personal spa, and it's great for assisting moisture evaporation. It'll be simple to clean and moisture resistant, too, because it's a Chilewich mat. This type of mat also adds texture to your design, making your bathroom look polished and professional.

Soothing Stripes

A rug is more than a stylistic option when it comes to decorating a master bathroom with a bathtub. It can also make getting into and out of the tub safer by providing a non-slip surface for wet feet. Another Chilewich mat may be found here, this one in calming blue stripes. The vinyl strands used to make Chilewich mats are valued for their ability to endure wetness, traffic, and cleaning.

Chilled Grey

Another relaxing rug color we like to see in bathroom mat
designs is grey. The thin grey stripes in this wonderful bathroom match the marbled grey throughout, giving it a soothing feel. Because it's a Chilewich mat, you can expect it to be simple to clean, moisture resistant, and long-lasting...ideal for a master or guest bathroom.

Cool Blues

One of the most popular bathroom colors is blue. It's also
understandable, given its associations with water, relaxation, and spa vibes. The impact of a blue circular or oval rug in the bathroom may be seen here. Bathroom floor mats with rounded corners provide the impression of more space while also adding a softer touch. You'll get increased longevity and simpler washing with braided bathroom rug structure, which is popular in farmhouse rugs, which is a requirement for this environment.

Which of these bathroom rug ideas do you think you'll use in your space? You should now
be ready to wash in style, whether you came seeking for huge bathroom rug ideas, tiny bathroom rug ideas, or anything in between. If you're still looking for the right fit, browse our whole collection of bathroom rugs for more ideas.

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